hou Shall Not is soon forgotten, but Once Upon a Time lasts forever.

-Phillip Pullman


Dan Overholser, A StorytellerDan Overholser is a natural storyteller.  His enthusiastic style engages listeners from 5 to 95, as he takes them upon a journey to near and far places.  His heartwarming tales weave a tapestry with thought provoking threads of healing, sadness, or happiness.  But ...at times they are simply outrageous!

"Mr. O, when you tell stories I get pictures in my head!"

Dwain, 2nd Grader
Bennet, CO

Dan weaves his tales in libraries, schools, and senior centers.  He plys his enthusiastic style at brown bag workplace lunches and corporate events.  Dan's tales bring well-crafted entertainment to family gatherings, special occasions, and scouting events.  As a keynote speaker for conferences and retreats, Dan initiates participants to active listening and sets the tone for more to come.


"Dan's unique, enthusiastic style had our students totally engaged!  What a pleasure to have such an accomplished storyteller in my classroom!"

Nancy K; Educator
Cheyenne, Wyoming

Dan's Storytelling Beginnings:


Dan earned his degree in Park Management from Colorado State University.  He spent his career as a park ranger with Colorado State Parks.  Working with people and the environment for so many years, Dan discovered storytelling was an easy fit for him.  Telling a tale, sharing history and delighting children with the wonders of the mind all come naturally to Dan.  His style, voice and ease all combine to take his audience on an enriching journey.

Sit back and relax as Dan shares the power of storytelling with you.



Tillamook, OR 97141 • Phone 303-748-3531